About us

How did the Apron Manufactory start?

It all started in the spring of 2015. András Ódor, the owner, took part in many domestic and international bartender competitions. He won the Talent category at the Cointreau Championship in Hamburg and the Super Finals of the Hungarian Cocktail Championship, so he could represent Hungary in the World Cup in South Africa. He found one single problem, the dressing code. “I always had to go into the same black vest”. András would have liked any other kind of workwear so his sister sewed two aprons for him. Already in the next race in Germany, they were already mixing drinks. To his greatest surprise, not only did his cocktails win huge successes, but also the apron he wore. They bought both pieces, so after returning home, his sister had to make another apron for the next race and see a miracle, receiving a similar reception from the casual workwear. From this experience, the idea of ​​the Apron Manufactory was born.

How did our small team expand?

At the very beginning, we stored everything in the living room, sewn in the sewing factory, then we got in love with aprons. In February 2016 we reached the point of creating our own small sewing shop, which was barely 20 square meters. In the beginning we only dealt with aprons, we only sold to bartenders and bar related workers, and then as our news spreads, make-up artists, hairdressers, tattoo artists have turned to us with confidence.

The idea of ​​the bags also came from his own experience, Andris needed it something to wrap his bar tools. In Hungary, it wasn’t very thoughtful before that, so we seized the opportunity and Dóri dropped the first bar bag, he became the Big Bartender. 🙂 Dóri has been working with us almost from the beginning, her experience and ideas have made a great deal to make our products of the quality we can be proud of. Of course, not all came first, Andris was the test subject who carried the finished prototypes. Based on his comments, we adjusted them and designed them to perfection.

In August 2018 we moved to the 9th district under the number 12 of the Közraktár utca, because we have grown out of the previous place and there we have shop called Barside Work Line.

There are not just orders from Budapest, but from Boston, London and Hamburg. We create workwear for such big brands as Gray Goose, Bacardi or Aperol. We are present in many places, you can meet us at the Ritz Carlton, the Barber Shop in Budapest, the High Note Skybar and many other hotels, hairdressers, restaurants and cafes.

Why is it good to work here and how does it work so well?

Dóri gave the best answer. These aprons are not typical, not part of a fashion’s adquired taste, but a unique product. Creativity can be used here, not just monotonous sewing. Together with our customers we put together the perfect apron and for everyone that has a completely different idea that will make it even more interesting.