Smoke ‘n’ Drink Wine Barrel

2 880 Ft

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On the contrary of the rest of our natural-based products, this is not made of untreated wood.
The base of wooden chips made of ex-wine barrel – like the rest of our Smoke ’n’ Drink chips – is excellent quality wood.
Compared to the rest of the oak chips, this one has a more stummy taste to it which makes the experience of the smell, drinking and eating richer.Because of the fruity, silky taste, we recommend it for Pálinka or Cognac based coctails.



Scatter the chosen wooden chips on a metal or wooden coaster, then close the burning pieces of wood away from the oxygen. Afterwords, the smoke is going to take form, which gives the drinks or food a unique flavor. It is also convivient to be used for smoking guns, because the dry pieces of wood will not turn waxy.