Interview with Krisztian Garamvolgyi, the creator of food scented perfumes

In our constantly running world, new inventions – things we might have never thought about before – are born every day. We Hungarians love greasy and spicy food and we don’t say no to a delicious lecsó or a tasty bacon. That’s right but what would you think we’d say if there was no tomatoes nor peppers on your plate? only a tiny little bottle that contains the taste of the food. That’s right !  After long experiments, Krisztian Garamvolgyi created these perfumes. There are fruity versions like orange but cinnamon, Mozart chocolate, rosemary, basil, sausage, bacon and even Portó and Sherry barrels are available. It sounds awesome, right? Here is how he did it and what’s the inventor of the food scented perfumes’ dream apron .

Krisztian worked at a liquor company as a product developer where he invented and created. He learned both the traditional and modern technologies there. He has been abroad several times, mostly in France where he often took the sample products with him. His manufactory is located in Zalaegerszeg, where he’s working on the production of special innovations in the lab. According to him, the focus was on the scent before but today the flavor has become more important. The perfumes are mainly used for gastronomy, but they’re also used by bodybuilders, bartenders, beverage companies and even dieters as the perfumes allow them to enjoy their favorite foods or the taste without the calorie intake.

Employees in the hospitality industry get a lot of support either from colleagues, educators or guests. In his opinion a moment, a situation or even a mood can be inspiring. In his view, all materials are special, one just have to find their soul and the real success is when they can convert that into perfumes. They were certain periods when one tendency was dominating, such as the creamy drinks in the 2000’s then the fruity ones and a couple of years later the spicy variants were popular. In the use of perfume pairing is limited only by your imagination.

Without a doubt there is a perfect match in every case: sausages and bacon are great with dark liquors, so for a spicy rum or a whiskey they are recommended. Interestingly, Krisztian thought that he will never use meat for the perfumes as he couldn’t imagine how a taste we eat could work in a drink. However after a couple of years, he started experimenting and these extraordinary creations were born.

When we asked what he’s most proud of, he smiled and replied: to everyday life, since it is also a challenge for him. To get there, so much has to be done. He used to work 18 to 20 hours a day and luckily the hard work has paid off. During his career he worked with stuntmen and Michelin-starred chefs, who all gave him an unforgettable experience but in his view, a casual night can also cause memorable moments. He picked his mother and his partner as his role models. Krisztian considers perfumes as his own children, so he can’t choose a favourite, he just said that each one is rewarding in its own way. He constantly explores innovations, nowadays he doesn’t go back to past for ideas but he tries to think about what the hospitality industry and his colleagues would like to use. In Barside we also work with his products, you can even buy these perfumes in our webshop.

As a bonus we asked Krisztian about his favorite food. Only a few people can name a single food, and Krisztian wasn’t one of them. He chose dödölle and prosza as traditional Zala county dishes, but he said he could not resist a good steak either. In the end Hungarian dishes were added to the list: “I can eat them any time!” – said Krisztian and then jokingly noticed that he doesn’t look very much like it. 😀

The most exciting point has arrived now, he had to compile the apron. Krisztian was in a black T-shirt and jeans but he said that it’s not typical of him in daily life, he usually wears more colorful clothes. His choice was a black apron with cognac leather pockets. According to him, it wasn’t easy to choose at all because there were so many options. How did he decide? Functionality was the main factor as he will work in this apron, so it’s very important for it to be comfortable and practical. He also looked for the quality of the material, but for our greatest pleasure he said it was great in the case of each apron, so it was impossible to choose based on that. He tried on three aprons and in the end he hesitated between a plain black and a leather designed one. As we have already mentioned, he chose the apron with the leather pockets, since that was love at first sight. He thinks that this apron will take great service in his daily life, but with the right clothes it fits an elegant occasion too. Now let’s look at the result.

There he is! Krisztian in his brand-new apron, he also said, he would happily wear it on the streets too. 😉