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If your question remains unanswered after reading this section please contact us at info@barsidebp.com where we will answer in a short period of time. 


About payment methods

  • The price shown next to all the products contains the added value tax (VAT), this tax is of 27%. The ordered aprons and uniforms price and shipping costs can be paid by card, bank transfer or even when delivered by cash. 

You will receive an email after you place your order, the email contains all the important information related to your order. If you wish to pay by cash when shipped, the price of both the product and the shipping costs should be paid to the carrier.

Currently the methods mentioned bellow are available when ordering:

Cash on delivery

The selected product and shipping fee should be paid to the carrier in cash.

Bank card

At the time of purchasing online, our website will redirect you to the K&H website to complete the transaction, the fee will be deducted immediately from your bank account. 

If your payment fails, you will be redirected to the barsidebp.com website, you can select a different payment method or try again with you bank card.


Accepted Credit Cards:


Bank transfer

The amount to be paid should be transferred to the Bank account.

The amount to be paid should be transferred to the “K&H bank” account. 

Bank number 10404089-50526751-76821009  Barside Kft  1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 12.



Please send back the products to this address:

Barside Kft. 1093 Budapest Közraktár utca 12.

6 Month warranty on all our products:

  • We are convinced that you will be satisfied with our products, that is why you receive 6 months warranty from the day you receive it. The misusage of the product and the incorrect cleaning procedure might affect the quality of your product and we take no responsibility. We advice you to read the instructions included with our products. 
  • If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our products, send them back within 14 days after the ordering date, along with the email address used for ordering, and your bank account where we can transfer back your money and the wholesale price will be repaid. The post office fees for sending back the product will be covered by you.
  • With this said, we accept all responsibility and risk related to our products. Feel free to enjoy them free of inconveniences. 
  • For coupons/gift cards purchases the 14 days refund does not apply. 
  • *REFUNDS warranty applies only for those products purchased directly through barsidebp.com. If your purchased second hand, or gathered our products elsewhere you can not use this warranty. Thanks for understanding.

About delivery

Store pick up

  • At our shop: in this case you personally pick up your purchase.
  • Our address: 1093 Budapest, Közraktár utca 12.

Which  day will I receive my package if I choose home delivery?

  • Whatever payment method (credit card or prepayment transfer) you choose, the ordered products will be shipped when the amount is displayed on our bank account until 12 noon on that day. Orders delivered and paid on business days until 12 noon will be rshipped on the next business day.  On Friday, until 12 noon will be shipped on Monday, and your weekend order will be shipped on Tuesday.
  • The situation is similar in the case of cash-on-purchase: you have left on business days until 12:00 your order will be shipped on the next business day, Friday to 12 noon will be shipped on Monday, a your weekend order will be delivered on the Tuesday of the following week. If you choose this method you have to pay when you pick up your package.


  • You will receive your package on the business day following the day you placed your order if you finalize it by 12:00 on weekdays. (This applies to customers who choose a credit card payment option.)
  • If you ordered and paid for your order after 12:01 on weekdays, we can only start your package delivery on the next business day with the courier service. From here your package will be delivered the next morning, so on the second day of your order. (When choosing a credit card payment.)
  • The above also applies to those who have opted for a cash on delivery option, in which case the time of placing the order will determine when the package will start. You will only pay when the ordered products are delivered to the courier.
  • If you chose to make a transfer during your purchase, then your package will start after your transfer arrives in our bank account. So, if the price of the products and the shipping cost arrives to our account before 12:00, we will send it to the courier who will deliver you the next day.
  • You should be aware that if you initiate a transfer on the banking day until 11:00, the amount will normally arrive on that day (we will check your payment at 8:00 am and 12:00 am on the start of each business day).


How the order works if you ask for the delivery outside of Hungary?

  • Please contact us at info@barsidebp.com by e-mail so we can tell you the exact shipping costs.

How many hours are my parcels delivered?

  • The courier will deliver the package to your home or workplace, so you may want to provide a shipping address where you are available during the day! Normally the courier will deliver your parcel between 8 am and 6 pm, but you have the option to arrange with the courier service – if they can, they will help.
  • We would like you to have a smooth negotiation, so it is important to know that there is no guaranteed morning / afternoon or concrete delivery. Then ask for shipment if you are sure you will be at the specified address. If you do not know where you will be on the day of delivery, please choose a different shipping address.
  •   Only order the products if you are able to pay the courier for the package upon receipt of the package. In the case of unpacked, returned packages, the delivery and return charges are charged to the customer, and can only be resumed once the prepayment of the package is prepaid.


How much is the shipping?

About products

  • Can I wash the apron? Yes, follow the washing instructions included with the apron.
  • Can I wash bags and rolls? For handbags and rolls, we only recommend hand washing because they have many leather items.
  • Can I iron these aprons? Yes, the iron needs to be adjusted depending on the material, the washing instructions sewn into the apron will describe the process.
  • Do the materials dye? Aprons made of denim fabrics may dye their colors when washed the first time. We recommended to wash each apron before first use.
  • In what size are the aprons made? They are made in one size with adjustable neck straps. We can change the sizes on request, you must indicate this when ordering.
  • Is there a guarantee for the products? All our products are covered by a 6-month warranty, repair or replacement in the event of a manufacturing fault.